A Nice and Needed Addition to the Jeep

After some struggles with customer service and sales reps, my order of the LOD Offroad Destroyer Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier finally arrived. Install over all was pretty straightforward and probably took the better part of a full day. I did the old bumper removal and some prep work during the week to make the actual install go a little faster that weekend. I’ve had it on now for almost a month and have been pretty happy with it. Can’t wait to get to use the optional rack a little more.

This carrier has definitely been a big improvement over the stock carrier and I’m happy to have the weight off the tailgate.

Short Trip to Rolls West Side

Started out the day planning to go out to Mount Ord Lookout off of Highway 87. After driving out there (and passing the road initially), I found that the road was closed off. Next time I’ll call ahead. On the plus side, I got to see some snow. Probably would’ve been a little on the trail had I been able to run it.

I ended up heading to Rolls. Entering from staging area behind the boat parking lot. Wasn’t too crowded out and the weather was awesome. Trail is definitely not difficult. More of a nice Sunday drive in the Nerd Jeep. 🙂 Took a nice lunch break and just enjoyed the silence. Found a little mud here and there, but nothing more than puddles.

I shot a video using my Sony HDR-AS15 mounted on the driver-side door with a little b-roll from my GoPro Hero Session.

A little bit nerdy and a little bit dirty